Collide Week #3 "Get Thruth"

Overview: Truth is in short supply within our world. The word of God gives us all of the truth we need to live a full life in Christ. We should keep these truths and consider them wisdom, instruction, and insight for our lives. No matter what we do, we cannot lose truth.


Think: The word of God is the only place we can find the real truth. So, what are my current thoughts around the Bible? Are those thoughts prohibiting me from spending enough time in it?


Feel: The goal with reading the Bible is not simply to read it, but ultimately to do it. I need to feel the truth as much as I read the truth, so that I can live the truth. 


Do: I have to be willing to actually open God’s word every morning and every evening. Start with something short and easy, when it comes to getting into a rhythm with the Bible. 


Scripture: Proverbs 23:23